What we do best

We do everything an in-house team can do, just with none of the waste.

We are here to support, advise, add value to your business, maximise the results of in-house team, and bring in any additional support you might need.

Whether you need a long-term partner or help with a one-off project, our team have got you covered.

We develope and implement your company's management system according to following standards:


Responsibilities of the welding coordinator according to EVS-EN 1090-1, EVS-EN 1090-2, EVS-EN 1090-3 and EVS-EN ISO 3834 according to EVS-EN ISO 14731.

Coordination of welding work on the work site

Organizing the certification of welders and welding procedures and determining the scope of certification 

Preparation of instructional materials and WPS

Conducting Supervision

Preparation for certification of welding procedures and welders according to standards:

EN ISO 15614 - Specification and certification of welding procedures for metallic materials

EN ISO 9606-1 - Qualification test for welders. Fusion welding. Part 1: Steels

EN ISO 9606-2 - Qualification test for welders. Fusion welding. Part 2: Aluminum and aluminum alloys etc.

Keevituskoordinaatori teenus

Is it difficult to find time to conduct an effective internal audit besides your everyday work? The solution is to use an external auditor.
We conduct internal audits according to standards:

EN ISO 9001 – Quality management systems

EN ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems

ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems (formerly OHSAS 18001)

EN ISO 3834 – Welding quality requirements for fusion welding of metals

EN 1090 – Manufacture of steel and aluminum structures

EN 15085 - Railway applications. Welding of railway rolling stock and rolling stock parts

Visual testing at VT-2 level according to EVS-EN ISO 17637.
Magnetic particle testing at MT-2 level (testing with magnetic powder) according to EVS-EN ISO 17638.

Our specialists are certified according to EVS-EN ISO 9712 and have VT-2 and MT-2 certificates."